Episode 212: "Chewy-ness-ness-ocity?"

Ferndale / Grand Rapids

On this episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we start things off in fabulous Ferndale. We’ll visit the oldest curling club in America … find out how one of the world’s oldest adult beverages has become new again … and eat some incredible food at (of all places) a Fly Trap. Then, it’s back to the incredible city of Grand Rapids to visit the second best brewery IN THE WORLD … experiment in the laboratory of a real food scientist … and to see how one man used his heart, and his art to help create a downtown neighborhood.

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Detroit Curling Club - Open November - March Only
Curling. It's not just for Canadians anymore. The oldest curling club in North American is located right in Ferndale. Ferndale MICHIGAN!

1615 E Lewiston Ave Ferndale, MI 48220

The Fly Trap
Now, if you wanna catch flies you use a fly trap, but if you wanna catch a creative meal for a great price in Ferndale you use...well, The Fly Trap. Gavin and Kara McMillian own and operate this eclectic diner and from the crazy décor to the creative cuisine, these two have come up with a winning recipe. Everywhere you look in this place is something that will make you either scratch your head or make ya smile and, as for the food...

22950 Woodward Ave Ferndale, MI 48220

GRiD 70 / Meijer Innovation and Test Kitchen
Even if you never set foot inside the GRiD70 building, know that when it comes to the mash-up of Michigan companies that are located here, what happens behind the walls you will encounter on the shelves someday.

70 Ionia Ave SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503

B Nektar Meadery
Brad and Kerri Dahlhofer own the B. Nectar Meadery and they’re making mead where no mead has been made before. It's old, it's natural and it's wildly flavorful! IT'S MEAD!

1505 Jarvis (Suite B) Ferndale, MI 48220

Founders Brewing
Founders Brewing Company is literally a destination here in Grand Rapids. If you’re serious about great beer...this place should be at the top of your shortest “short” list, and after winning 2nd best brewery in the entire world...there’s only one place left to go. Dave Engbers is one of Founders’ founding fathers...he eats, sleeps, thinks, oh yea, and drinks beer.

235 Grandville Ave SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Heartside Neighborhood / Sanctuary Folk Art Gallery
When it comes to having a real sense of place, your neighborhood means everything...well, here’s a guy who used both his art and his heart to help create a neighborhood right here in Grand Rapids. In the 1990s this four block area was nothing but boarded up buildings and blight...it was a part of Grand Rapids the economy left behind. But, in 1999 artist and urban pioneer Reb Roberts started a personal crusade to change all that. On an empty street he and his wife opened his Sanctuary Folk Art store, worked with other local entrepreneurs, and turned the area into a thriving neighborhood known as Heartside.

140 Division Ave S Grand Rapids, MI 49503