Episode 210: "I'm All Thumbs"

Lexington / Bay City

On this episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we find out that not only is Lexington a great vacation destination … it’s also great wine country … We’ll also visit a music festival named after a part of Michigan’s mitten, and meet the man who put a new face on the entire town. Then, we head north to beautiful Bay City to see some of the best Michigan history, and future development you’ll see anywhere in the state. We’ll also see some awesome classic cars, tons of antiques, a great place to eat … and a theater that you’d swear was left here by the ancient Mayans.

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Blue Water Winery
Blue Water Winery and vineyard - a classic, award wining vineyard that’s doing it right...right here in Michigan. You know, when you think of Michigan wine, most people automatically think of Michigan’s pinky region...which is fine because a lot of great wines are produced up there...but mighty Mr. Thumb over here has a few things he’d like to tell you about the wine he makes. Right Mr. Thumb? Connie Currie and her husband Steve came to Lexington about ten years ago and discovered both a community and a micro-climate that loved what they were doing.

7131 Holverson Rd. Carsonville, MI 48419

Delta College Planatarium
And speaking of cool buildings downtown that have personality...a lot of people think this building looks like aliens put it here, well maybe they did, it is after all a planetarium...Gort, Klatu borada nicto. I speak their language. To be more specific, this incredible structure is the Delta College Planetarium and Learning Center. It’s a world class planetarium that’s got everything you need to study the cosmos. This place will take you to infinity “and” beyond.

100 Center Ave. Bay City, MI 48708

The Bay Antique Center
If you’re an antique lover, Bay City is the absolute epicenter of antiquing in the Midwest, and The Bay Antique Center has about eleventybillion square feet of everything old. Michelle Judd and her family own, arrange, operate and orchestrate this huge conglomeration of cool stuff...and it all started with her grandpa...

1010 N. Water St. Bay City, MI 48706

Old Town Hall Winery
Located in historic Lexington, MI the winery offers many award winning wines, for samples, by the glass, and by the bottle. Wine makers Connie Currie and Steven Velloff have created a warm and inviting atmosphere "Where the past meets the present and good friends come to meet."

5475 N. Main Lexington, MI 48419

Bay City Motors
One place we heard about in town was The Bay City Motor Company. When it comes to classic and collectable cars...these guys are the real deal. Now, I’m admittedly not much of a car guy...but, you can’t take my man card, cause I like Hockey...anyway, gonna go in here and try not to embarrass myself. So, stick with me and, well...wish me luck...no laughing. David Cotton’s family has been part of the Michigan automotive scene for well over a century now.

1124 N Water St Bay City, MI 48708

Old City Hall Restaurant
You know us on UTR, we like to eat...so we checked out The Old City Hall Restaurant right downtown. Now, there’s two great things about this place. One, the food is awesome. Two, back in the late 1890s, this place was the actual city hall. So if you’re looking for great food, great service and a really cool atmosphere...check out the Old Town Hall Restaurant. Tell’em UTR sen’cha!!

814 Saginaw St Bay City, MI 48708