Episode 209: "Go Fetch, Rusty"

Grand Rapids / Mt. Pleasant

On this episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we head to Grand Rapids to experience an incredible, world class art competition … we’ll also explore the city on some homegrown bicycles, and meet the man who invented a better hotdog. Then, we head for the home of Central Michigan University to meet the person who reenergized downtown Mount Pleasant … we’ll also experience some sweet “flour power” … eat at a Brass Café … and find out why a promising young chef is making his future right here in Michigan.

In only it’s third year, it’s become an art phenomenon. 19 Days, Three square miles, almost 200 venues, and over 1700 artists from around the world compete for almost a half million dollars in prize money. Everywhere you look in downtown Grand Rapids you’ll find some of the most amazing, unique and overwhelming art you’ll see anywhere. It’s a world-class happening in a world-class city.


41 Sheldon Blvd. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Slingshot Bikes
If you're looking for a company that's committed to Michigan and keeping their products local, Slingshot is the company for you… and if you're looking for a high performance custom bike to ride, PJ McDonald is the man to talk to.

342 Market St. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503

The Brass Café
Emma Currie and Susan Paton are the proud proprietors of The Brass Café right in downtown Mt. Pleasant and you’ll never find two people more passionate about what they serve and where they live. As you can imagine, the Brassy Lassy did not disappoint, I mean heck, when you've got an inspired chef who’s committed to local flavors you cant go wrong.

128 S. Main Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

Flour Uprising
The Flour Uprising is a funky little bakery with a big heart, and tons of stuff to make you feel good inside...so bye bye guilt...and hello happiness, because owner Annette Pratt blends happy with healthy every single day. Now what you might not also know is that Flour Uprising is quickly becoming famous for something called whoopie pies which are...well, let's talk to the expert.

112 N. Main Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

Mountain Town Station
Brewing Company & Steakhouse
In 1995 partners saw potential in a historic Mt. Pleasant Railroad Depot, thus coming up with the idea to create a brewing company and steak house around the theme of a "Mountain Town Station". The floor, walls and rafters in the center portion of the station are original, though they are covered with new materials. The northern most telegraph office projection towards the track is the original, the south two are copies. The overhang, roof pitch and knee braces under the eaves all reflect the old Ann Arbor Railroad heritage.

506 W. Broadway St. Mt. Pleasant, MI. 48858

Ritch Branstrom
Now say you're into big art, and I mean really big art...you're gonna love this. The dog's name is Rusty. He's over 12 feet tall, 19 feet long and came all the way from the UP. The detail artist Ritch Branstrom put into this creation is incredible, and the best thing is that there's a story behind every part.

Grand Rapids, MI

Yester Dog
Yesterdog is a crazy-fun, eclectic place that has a cult following so big they could probably apply for tax-free status. It’s located in East Town Grand Rapids, and has been serving up delectable dogs for generations.

1505 Wealthy St. Grand Rapids, MI 49506

The Market on Main
Now aside from the Brass cafe, Emma and Susan recently opened The Market on Main, which is a great little specialty grocery store, deli and bakery just down the street. It's just another sign of their continued commitment to downtown Mount Pleasant.

120 South Main St. Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

Camille’s on the River
Now our last stop was a restaurant called “Camille’s on the River” that’s attached to another great restaurant and micro-brewery called Mountain Town Station. Jim Holton is the man who made this new dining destination possible and Chef Brent Peterson came back to make his mark right here in Mt. Pleasant.

506 W. Broadway St. Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858