Episode 207: "Look Kids, Fish!"

Ypsilanti / Leland

On this episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we start things off in Ypsilanti at a restaurant that took us so far back in time, lunch was only 40 cents. We also discover some very cool places to live right downtown, and show you a classic tavern that the famous frequent. Next, we head to beautiful Leland to see how some very creative people are turning old clothes into new fashions. We’ll also head for the high seas to visit an island of shipwrecks and giant trees. Not to worry … once back on land, we visit one of Michigan’s most romantic Inns.

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The Tap Room
So we’ve seen that Ypsi has great food downtown and great places to live in town. Now, how bout a unique place to tip back a few frosty cold adult malted beverages with some friendly conversation. If you’re looking for a cool place to rub elbows with some real characters, The Tap Room spells character with a capital C. The history, the stories and the people here make for a very entertaining evening.

201 W. Michigan Ave Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Here in Leland is a place called Fish Town. It’s an old fishing village with cool shops and places to eat, but what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s still a real working fishing village.

203 E. Cedar St (PO Box 721) Leland, MI 49654

Sue & Kevin Burns created BaaBaaZuZu and are now exporting their crazy creations around the world. BaaBaaZuZu felt more like an art studio than a small factory. And that’s probably because every single one of these creations were cut, sewn and assembled by human hands. It was amazing to me to think that every single piece of clothing they make is completely unique. No two things are alike. Every piece they sell here is a one of a kind re-claimed creation...so, at BaaBaaZuZu, they like to say that you’ll never, ever pass yourself on the street. Well, I’m not even sure that’s possible anyway, but I do know one thing for sure. This stuff is very cool...and it’s made right here in Michigan.

1006 S Sawmill Rd. Lake Leelanau, MI 49653

Manitou Island Transit
Now, here’s the Under the Radar part about Leland. Every year tons of people come to Fish Town, but what most people don’t know is that if you get on this boat at the end of the dock, you’re only an hour and a half away from one of the best Michigan adventures you’ll ever have. Since 1917 The Manitou Island Transit Company has been taking people out to explore both North and South Manitou Islands. These two beautiful and rugged islands are about 15 miles off shore, and are part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The seas were high that day, so the ride out was an absolute blast. Holding onto the person next to you really is a great way to meet new people. We took the trip out to South Manitou Island. The island is only about three miles across, but actually feels much bigger. No one really lives on the island anymore, but it’s become an incredible place to camp or just explore for the day. At the end of the dock we met up with Mike Grosvenor. His family’s been here for generations and he knows everything there is to know about these islands.

PO Box 1157 Leland, MI 49654

Haab's Restaurant
Haab’s Restaurant is a well-loved landmark here in Ypsilanti, and every year on their anniversary, people come from far and wide to stand in line. Why you ask? Well, as a way of saying thanks to the community, Haab’s does something pretty extraordinary. They roll their prices back...way back to 1934, and serve up three great dinners at prices you just won’t believe.

18 W. Michigan Ave Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Carlson's Fish
If you’re looking for fresh fish, Carlson’s of Fish Town is the place to get it. We caught the folks at Carlson’s in the middle of processing the days catch, this family’s been fishing these waters for 6 generations now.

205 W. River (PO Box 406) Leland, MI 49654

Riverside Inn and Restaurant
Now, this was the crew’s first trip to Leland, so we needed a nice place to stay; a great place to eat “and” we also wanted to learn a little history about the area. So, on a tip from our new friends at BaaBaaZuZu we discovered The Historic Riverside Inn. It’s a 107 year old inn and gourmet restaurant that’s located right on the Leland River, just a block from town. People say it’s one of the most romantic places you can visit in Michigan. Great...I’m with the crew. Owner and inn keeper Kate Vilter made us feel right at home ...

302 E. River St. Leland, MI 49654