Episode 206: "I have the feeling I'm being watched..."

Ludington / Rogers City

On this episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we begin our adventure in the beautiful beach town of Ludington. Tom and the crew dine “twice” in a blue moon; find a local watering hole that’s all Michigan, and discover a thriving art community. Next, we head to Roger City and stop by a place where we’re pretty sure Pee Wee bought his bike. We’ll also meet some incredible “meat” people, and spend time with a creative couple who are really making a difference.

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Blue Moon
Marilyn Cunic and her husband Randy are just the kind of people you’d expect to have a place this cool … and Marilyn’s bigger than life personality is just part of what makes this place so special.

125 S James St, Ludington MI 49431

Mitten Bar
The Mitten Bar is a brand new watering hole here in Ludington that features all drinks Michigan. Megan Payment & Brian Josefowicz searched near and far to bring us the best adult beverages Michigan has to offer.

109 W. Ludington Ave, Ludington MI 49431

Tour America Bike Shop
Tour America Bike Shop and when you walk into this place you will be amazed and pleasantly overwhelmed. This crazy bike shop is the business and brainchild of Marcus Opie, the mastermind behind the mayhem.

268 North 2nd Street, Rogers City MI 49779

Domaci Gallery
You know they say art imitates life so, if you’re looking for a creative reflection of the community you’re in do what we always do, talk to an artist. Mary and Tim Pritchard are the proud proprietors Domaci Art Gallery. It’s a hip, new place in Rogers City that features some very innovative Michigan artists.

169 N. Third Street, Rogers City MI 49779

USS Badger
Actually, Ludington is such a cool place that people from Wisconsin even come here. They come in on a huge ferry called The SS Badger … and watching this giant ship turn around and dock in the harbor here is quite a sight to see.

701 Maritime Dr., Ludington MI 49431

The Artists Market
One thing we’ve discovered doing this show is that Michigan is all about art, and local artist Andy Thomas is all about Ludington. He owns The Artists Market here in town, and he gives local artists everything they need to succeed.

224 W Ludington Ave, Ludington MI 49431

Plath's Meats
John Plath and his brothers are the third generation to market Plath meats to the masses ... and since 1913, they’ve been putting Michigan on the map. Plath’s really is proof positive that you can do business anywhere in Michigan and be successful.

116 South Third Street, Rogers City MI 49779

Knabe's Mmmmunchy Krunchy Apple Orchard
Have you ever heard of an apple farm & cider mill that grows 30 different kinds of dwarf trees, or that has a donut making robot named Bob??? Me either, and quite frankly, I don’t think such a place even exists. What’a you think? Knaebe’s Mmmunchy Krunchy Apple Farm and Cider Mill is a wonderfully wacky place that’s run by two of the most delightfully crazy people you’ll ever meet, Ma & Pa Knaebe. Now, the fact that we were coming must have leaked out, because the reception we got was a production to say the least. There was singing, hugging, general craziness. Before I knew what was happening, I was in the kitchen making donuts with Bob.

2622 Karsten Rd, Rogers City MI 49779