Episode 203: "That's a really Big Tree"

Detroit / Traverse City

On this episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we head back to Detroit for that classic combination we all know as wine, cheese and fire. Tom shows viewers a hip new place to discover good wine, and how you can learn to make your own cheese right at home. Viewers will also see how playing with fire can be a fascinating experience. … Then, we head north to Traverse City for an historic stay; a tall ship trip, and believe it or not … some of the best southern, soul food you’ll ever eat.

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Motor City Wine
There are only 2 kinds of wine. The kind you like and the kind you don't. Motor City Wine is bringing lots of variety to the wine buying public in Detroit…

608 Wooward Ave Detroit, MI 48226

Traffic Jam & Snug
Since 1965 the Traffic Jam & Snug has been churning out great food in Midtown…their Bread, Beer and Cheese takes this venerable Detroit institution to the next level!!

511 West Canfield Detroit, MI 48202

The Tall Ship Manitou
Join us aboard the schooner Manitou, one of the largest sailing vessels on the Great Lakes. Enjoy a unique adventure back in time as you discover the beauty of Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan from the deck of this majestic sailing vessel.

13390 S.W. Bay Shore Dr. Traverse City, MI 49684

Detroit Fire Guild
Sometimes it's OK to play with fire…especially when the end result is as artistic as this.

1600 Clay (BLD 1, 6th Floor) Detroit, MI 48211

There's home cooking, then there are home cooks. What the Soul Hole does is pay homage to all our moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts and neighbors who showed us what cooking at home really means. The Soul Hole gets you as close as you can to roots cooking.

408 S. Union St. Traverse City, MI 49684

Old Mission Inn
The Old Mission Inn is Northern Michigan's Oldest continually running inn. There's some serious history in these halls. Joe Louis. Babe Ruth. Tom Daldin. Pretty heady company, dontcha think?

18599 Mission Rd. Traverse City, MI 49686