Episode 201: "We Made it to Season Two!!"

Dearborn / Ann Arbor

On this episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we travel to Dearborn, where Tom discovers a city rich in culture. Viewers will discover where to get great music, find food made with love, and visit a place where the comic books turn your brain green. Next, we head back to Ann Arbor for more food, fun and conversation. First stop, historic Kerrytown Market, where Tom samples fantastic seafood, and meets a genuine “spice girl” … Tom also explores one of Ann Arbor’s cultural treasures ... The Michigan Theater.

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Dearborn Music
Music Stores? Where'd they all go to?? Why aren't there more? Oh, yeah. But in a sea of just a few left in great corners of the state, it's gems like Dearborn Music that must be doing business right when it comes to staying IN Business.

22501 Michigan Ave Dearborn, MI 48124

Arab American Museum
The Arab American National Museum is another one of those places that we all know is there and we all mean to go, but then "THINGS" get in the way. Other plans are made and because we're not in grade school any more, there aren't Field Trips that we get taken on. Here's your mission...pick one or 7 field trips a year and go to places that you'd never normally go to - - like the Arab-American National Museum...you'll be glad you did. Really.

13624 Michigan Ave Dearborn, MI 48126

Green Brain Comics
Comics. There not just for little kids anymore. Never have been actually. The explosion of the comic revolution over the last 20 years has been all tied to pop culture. Movies, music, art. All tied to the love of the comic. Come see what you're missing!

13210 Michigan Ave Dearborn Michigan, 48126

Michigan Theatre
Holy Cow. Old Theaters really excite us here at UTR. The Michigan Theater is one of the really grand old movie palaces. Another one of those field trips that you have to take. Boy, we don't envy you and your schedule of things to do…you're probably still catching up from season 1!!!

603 East Liberty St Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Ishmael Ahmed's This Island Earth
Hosted by the beloved community figure Ismael Ahmed, This Island Earth will bring you the music lighting people up all over the world. Ismael will connect his playlist to our Detroit metro communities and keep you current on where you can see the best music in town.

M&M Café
So, many great restaurants to choose from in our search for dining options in Dearborn, but Ismael introduced us to a little corner café that we probably would have missed in 10 seasons of Under the Radar. Thanks Ishmael!!!

13714 Michigan Ave Dearborn, MI 48126

Monahan's Seafood
When a seafood merchant cares this much about fish, you know they can steer you in the right direction to try something you never thought to make at home. Strike up a conversation with the guy behind the seafood counter at the local grocer and they're likely tell you to eat more chicken. Ask a real fish monger "what's good today"...and be prepared to get schooled. Get it Schooled...see fish swim in schools...aw, never mind, these jokes work so much better on teevee.

407 North 5th Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Kerrytown Mall
Unique shops, crazy off the path corners when you can enjoy a snack or a coffee…and the BELLS! Kerry Town Shops are a nice break from the rainy weather and who knows what you'll find down a hallway here. Go. Do. Now.

407 N. Fifth Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Spice Merchants
Exotic all in one shop! That's what's nice about Spice Merchants. I've been looking for whole pod cardomom for years. You'd think that at least one grocery chain would carry some. Nope. Spice merchants had GREEN and BLACK Cardamom. Winner, winner (Indian Spiced) Chicken Dinner!

407 North Fifth Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48104