Episode 113: "Swamp Rabbit"

Lansing / Wyandotte

On this episode of Under The Radar- Michigan, we head back to Lansing for inspirational stories from three motivated Michigan entrepreneurs. Tom helps us discover how Sweetie-licious pies are becoming a national sensation; how a great plan is making Cravings Gourmet Popcorn a huge hit; and how Biggby Bob has turned his love for a good cup a joe into a thriving Michigan business. Then, we hit Wyandotte for some great local art; the world’s best sliders; a real Muskrat dinner … and we’ll see how Wyandotte is using Geothermal energy to take its residents into a green future.

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Biggby Coffee
There are coffee shops and then there are Michigan entrepurners that take and idea that seemingly had it's market cornered and not only carve themselves a niche, but turns into a locally grown hero.

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Cravings Popcorn
If you're a kid of a certain age, then you spent a lot of your time as a kid with orange fingers from bags upon bags of orange, grocery-store popcorn. Not sure why my mother ever bought us this stuff, it ALWAYS ended up on the furniture, the carpeting, the drapes and our clothes...and NEVER on the napkins. What Chad at Cravings has done with Corn and Spices is an marvel. Taking the ubiqutous yellow corn and giving it flavor, working with spice and combinations that are seasonal and fun. A must visit just for the wall of soda-pop alone!

1220 Turner Street, Lansing, MI, 48906

River's Edge Gallery
Each time we find out about another art gallery in a town we're going to, we wonder, how different can this be from other galleries around the state? Then we get there and we're always blow away by the passion and the power of the people who drive the art world. This is true in small towns as well as big towns in Michigan. You want to see the people who care about a community? - - you'll find them at a local gallery hanging out with local artists.

3024 Biddle Ave. Wyandotte MI, 48192

Geo-Thermal Heating Systems
It makes sense. The inside of the earth is warm compared to Winters temps and cool compared to summers heat. So, why not use it to cool the house in summer and heat it in the winter? Like we said; it makes sense.
Sweetielicious Pies
If there were a way to bottle the energy and passion of a person, we'd all be wearing the essense of Linda Hundt. Her drive, smile and pies are an anchor to a small community like DeWitt. National spot light does nothing to diminish the impact of her power to impress. When someone yell as you to shut your pie-hole, ask them if you can do it with a slice of Sweetie-Licious' Cherry Berry Pie. It'll make you swear.

108 North Bridge Street DeWitt, MI, 48820

Joe's Hamburgers
When a little kid takes a walk with Grampa down to the corner restaurant for a burger, fry and coke, you never know how those memories will manifest themselves later. For Grampa Joe and grandson Jeremy, the memories came flooding back when Jeremy opened Joe's Burgers. A classic slider joint where the meat is delivered daily and the fries are cut by hand. Going that extra step and naming it after his Grampa Joe, was extra classy. You're not counting calories or fat when you walk in the door...just enjoy.

125 Elm Street Wyandotte, MI 48192

Dom Polski's
Half of Wyandotte wishes that the Muskrat wasn't being served and half does. What to do? You gotta try everything in life twice. It's not going to kill you and you might really like it. But like many indigenous foods, they're disappearing fast and no one is bothering to learn the old ways. Foods like Muskrat are ties back to where a city sprang up from and what helped get our ancestors through the hard winters. Pay homage to your heritage...even if you're not from Wyandotte.

1519 Oak Street, Wyandotte MI