Elderly Instruments

UTR-Webmaster Episode 103

(517) 372-7880
1100 N. Washington, Lansing, MI, 48906

While we were in Lansing, we made our way over to Old Town to a place I’d heard about but never been to. Every time I mention Elderly Instruments to anyone who knows anything about music, their eyes light up. So we decided to find out why.

Once we got inside the building, we were wonderfully overwhelmed. I had never seen so many stringed instruments before in my life. Everywhere you look, you see different things with strings. And the policy there is, “Everything is okay to play.” If you’re looking to buy something to pick, stroke or strum, Elderly is a musician’s Mecca. Even their repair department is mammoth. The atmosphere is relaxed, welcoming and filled with spontaneous melodies erupting around the store.

Elderly is probably the world’s most trusted source for new, used or vintage stringed instruments. They’ve got everything from acoustic and electric guitars, steel guitars, dobros, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles and violins, to auto harps, dulcimers, bouzouki, psalteries, zithers and even the occasional Egyptian oud. If it has strings, they’ll buy, sell, trade or repair it.

Elderly has become a destination that attracts an international clientele. On any given day, you might see Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, John Mayer or Lyle Lovett hanging out at the store. They’ve got a string for every pick and an expert for every instrument. The passion for Elderly is amazing, and if you spend an afternoon there, you’ll see why. If you own a stringed instrument, you owe it to yourself to visit Elderly. You’ll be pickin’, grinnin’ and wishin’ you lived in Lansing.