El Barzon

UTR-Webmaster Episode 305

(313) 894-2070
3710 Junction, Detroit, MI 48210

With foods from all different cultures in Southwest Detroit, we couldn’t decide where to go for lunch. The crew wanted Italian, but I wanted Mexican. So we settled on both at El Barzon. You heard right; one restaurant serving delectable dishes from two continents. It’s all the handy work of Norberto Garita, a chef trained in classical Italian who happens to be Hispanic but definitely loves them both.

This is casual fine dining that is totally worth whatever your drive might be. No cans are being opened back in Norberto’s kitchen; everything is made fresh and from scratch. Take his authentic Mexican mole sauce, for example. It takes twenty fresh ingredients and two full days to prepare. Mmmmmmm, mole! I asked him for his secret family recipe. He just gave me a polite, funny look.

Norberto must be doing something right, because he’s growing, hiring, expanding and serving more great food than ever. I asked him which he serves more of, Mexican or Italian, and his response was, “Almost dead even.” The menu is so varied and has so many classics from both continents that you just might have an anxiety attack trying to decide what to order. But once you do, you’ll be pleased with the quality and care that goes into every meal.

Simply stated, if you love Italian and Mexican food, heck, if you love food period, you’ll dig El Barzon. What does El Barzon mean? I don’t know, let’s eat!