Eat! GR

UTR-Webmaster Episode 612


Now, let’s say you’re in Grand Rapids … and you wanna find a cool, new restaurant to try. Wouldn’t it be great if you had like 15,000 friends to help you find one. Well, because to this guy … you do.

Chris Freemen is a man on a mouthwatering mission … and that’s to tell the world about the great food they have here. So he started a Facebook group called EatGR! It’s a community of people who love to explore local restaurants and share their positive experiences with others. And, when Chris isn’t at work … he’s working hard digging up some of Grand Rapids most under the radar food finds.

Chris recommended we meet and eat at the Noodle Monkey … a ramen based eatery that serves up a great selection of Asian comfort cuisine.

So, if you enjoy great food and making new friends … join your fellow foragers on Facebook and check out EatGR. Oh, and if you see Chris out there … tell him thanks for a job well done. Or, medium rare if you like it that way. Get it … doh!