Dwelling Place

UTR-Webmaster Episode 318

(616) 454-0928
101 Sheldon Blvd., Ste. 2, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

If you had a company that created great affordable spaces for all kinds of people to live and work right downtown, what would you call it? I’ve got an idea. How about Dwelling Place?

For over thirty years, Dwelling Place has been making a difference in the communities and neighborhoods where people work and live. As an urban developer, Dwelling Place renovates neglected and abandoned buildings and creates places and spaces where all members of the community can be just that, a community.

Dwelling Place’s neighborhood revitalization program infuses neglected neighborhoods with profitable businesses, transforms blighted areas with building façade improvements and rehabilitation efforts and creates a destination with cool attractions and events. For years they’ve worked hard to improve the quality of housing and to prevent the displacement of downtown Grand Rapids’ low-income residents.

Dwelling Place also provides support services to neighbors struggling with issues surrounding homelessness. At any given time, they are helping upwards of three hundred individuals and families reclaim their place in society.

Everyone in our society deserves a sense of place in the community where they live… and the Dwelling Place is just the place to make that happen.