Drummond Island Resort

UTR-Webmaster Episode 702

(906) 493-1000
33494 S Maxton Rd, Drummond, MI 49726

After about an hours drive, we hit a little place called De Tour Village at the tip of the peninsula … boarded a boat … and took the 20 minute Drummond Island Ferry ride to an island of the same name. This pristine island is large (250 sq mi) … largely uninhabited … yet home to one of the nicest resorts you ever kick back at.

The Drummond Island Resort has everything you & your family need to regroup, refresh and rejuvenate yourself in Michigan’s awesome outdoors. There’s great golf … fabulous food … and some of the most breathtaking views of this island infested area. There’s also every kind of accommodation, and tons of terrain to explore. It’s simply a classic UP place to put yourself.

But, as for us … well, you know the crew … they always seem to like it when I’m a little outa my comfort zone … hmmm, I wonder if they really like me?

So we headed over to The Cedars Sporting Clays Course to see if me shooting a shotgun is as funny as it sounds …

Tim Higgins is the Cedars’ main marksman … He was there to make sure I shot straight, true … and not at you !!!

Rootin & Shootin with Tim & Tom ….

Well, even though I’m really not much of a gun guy … I have to say … I had a ballistic blast dispatching all these inanimate, imitation animals. No one got hurt … and it really does give you a true appreciating for how hard hunting can be. And The Drummond Island Resort gave me a true appreciation for just how comfortable you can be on this cool island. Tommy Likey !!!