Dragon on the Lake

UTR-Webmaster Episode 608

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115 S. Anderson Street (PO Box 674) Lake Orion MI 48361

You know there may not really be a Loch Ness Monster … and Big Foot … that’s a bit of a stretch … but … believe it or not … out here in Lake Orion there really is a Dragon on the Lake!

Actually there’s tons of them … in all shapes and sizes … and they’re all here for a very good cause. It’s called Dragon on the Lake, and it happens every August to celebrate this great town, and to help support the Orion Art Center. This community festival celebrates art, music … and of course … the legend of the dragon.

In preparation, the teams stretch … focus … concentrate … get pumped up … and then stand in line to wait their turn, only to be harassed my a goofy TV show host.

It was obvious that these racers take this race very seriously … and prep in every way possible …

This event has a little bit of everything … dancers for dancing … drummers for drumming … and a community that really wants to give back …

If you’re not ascared of dragons … check out Dragon on the Lake in Lake Orion … cuz … Nessy and Big Foot aint got nothing on this event.