Donogal Dannys and The Stoney Acre Grill

UTR-Webmaster Episode 701

(231) 448-2560
26420 Carlisle Rd, Beaver Island, MI 49782

Now on the outside … it looks like a good old fashioned dairy farm … which it used to be … but, ah … once you enter … the tables turn

…and they turn with awesome edibles, wonderful whistle wetters … and islanders enjoying a delightful dose if Irish enthusiasm. That’s right … you’re at Stoney Acre Grill & Donegal Danny’s Pub where the locals meet, take a seat, get something to eat and occasionally even stomp their feet. Who’da thunk !!!!

To find out what was what … I sat down for a candid conversation and a couple pints with the proud proprietor Eric Hodgson.

Well, after a good meal and a bevy of fortified Beaver Island Beverages … I figured it was time to limber up my larynx with the locals.

Well after a buncha bona fide Beaver Island hospitality … we said goodnight to our newfound friends at Stoney Acre Grill & Donegal Danny’s Pub.