Domaci Art Gallery

UTR-Webmaster Episode 206

(989) 734-3035
169 N. 3rd St., Rogers City, MI 49779

They say art imitates life. So if you’re looking for a creative reflection of the community, do what we always do on UTR: talk to an artist. Mary and Tim Pritchard are the proud proprietors of Domaci Art Gallery. It’s a hip, new place in Rogers City that features some very innovative Michigan artists. You’ll find everything from modern wall art to Mary’s creative ceramic jewelry and even cool funky things like boxes made out of hundred-year-old reclaimed wooden ship beams. When you walk into this place, you think you’re walking into a gallery in New York City, and as many as sixty Michigan artists will be on display at any given time. Absolutely worth a stop.

While we were there I also got to meet and spend time with young Rogers City artist Bailey Budnik. Bailey is extremely smart, amazingly creative and way beyond his years. I was mowing lawns at thirteen. Bailey is making almost life-sized abstract robots and other really cool stuff with his found-object art. Very progressive and very cool. Keep your eye on this young man.

Truth is… we had so much fun at Domaci that the entire crew was invited to a home cooked, gourmet dinner at the Budniks. The food and hospitality they served up totally made us feel like family. They even put us up for the night. I don’t think we’ve ever met better people in a better town. Thanks, Budnik Family!