DIME – The Detroit Institute of Music Education

UTR-Webmaster Episode 609

(313) 223-1600
1265 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226

You know, wouldn’t it be great to have a dime for every talented young person out there hoping to make music their life … well guess what … Detroit does !!!

DIME is the Detroit Institute of Music Education … a brand new college right downtown that’s giving aspiring musicians a great place to get a real education in the music business. Sure … this place is a college … but when you step through the door, it feels like you’re walking right into the music industry.

Kevin Nixon and Sarah Clayman are two accomplished and award winning music producers from the UK who came to Detroit … saw what they liked … heard what they liked … and opened their doors to all who love music.

So if someone offers you a dime for your thoughts on the future of Detroit’s music industry … tak’em up on it. Because with all the talent we have here … that kind of change will go a long way.