DeZwaan Windmill at Windmill Island Gardens

UTR-Webmaster Episode 412

1 Lincoln Ave, Holland, MI 49424

The DeZwaan Windmill at Windmill Island Gardens is probably the most famous landmark in Holland. It was originally built in 1761 and was brought to Holland, Mich. from the Netherlands in 1964. It’s the only authentic, working, Dutch windmill in the entire United States. And even though it’s amazing, and was an incredible feet of engineering for its time, believe it or not … the windmill is the second reason we came to Windmill Island.

The first is Alisa Crawford who totally cast her fate to the wind by becoming the only Dutch-certified journeyman miller in America, the only woman member of the Netherlands’ professional corn millers guild, and the sole miller of this 253-year-old Dutch windmill.