Detroit Vegan Soul (DVS)

UTR-Webmaster Episode 604

(313) 649-2759
8029 Agnes St. Detroit, MI

Okay meat lovers … stop shrugging your shoulders … because right in the heart of Detroit’s historic West Village is a place that just might make you a believer.

Detroit Vegan Soul is exactly what it says it is … a meat free restaurant that’s taken a savory and soulful approach to their meatless menu.

Sure, it may be minus the meat … but it’s plusses when it comes to flavors and textures will literally enlighten your meat-muddled mind.

Erika Boyd and Kirsten Ussery create what they call cruelty free food … and the rest is relatively recent history.

To be honest …. I was dying to find out who was here to miss the meat … and who was here just because the food is such a taste tempting treat.

Because even if you “love” meat … with this food … you wont miss it for a moment.