Detroit Threads

UTR-Webmaster Episode 111

(313) 872-1777
10238 Joseph Campau St., Hamtramck, MI 48212

Hamtramck is a pretty hip place, and a lot of cool people hang out there. You know, people with “a look.” Well, if you’ve seen our TV show, you know that I don’t really have a look. As a matter of fact, I look like a guy who’s looking for a look. So I looked for a place in Hamtramck where I could get a look and found a place that looked pretty good. It’s called Detroit Threads. It’s a retro resale shop and record store that’s got everything vintage. The vinyl collection is incredible, and if you’re in the market for something hip to wear, believe me, you’ll find it.

Owner Mike Smith is one of the hippest cats you’ll meet anywhere, and whether you’re in need of some vintage threads or you’re looking for some classic vinyl to groove to, he’s your man. If Mike looks kinda familiar, it’s because he looks like every rock star you’ve ever seen rolled up into one cool dude. He’s real, a genuinely nice guy, and will have stuff you didn’t even know you needed. He set me up with a total 70s look that got me tons of looks on the street. Sweet!