Detroit Soup

UTR-Webmaster Episode 305

In a lot of places, $5 will get you a bowl of soup and a salad. Not a bad deal. But at Detroit Soup, it gets you involved in your neighborhood and your city. Detroit Soup is a monthly gathering that raises money to fund community-oriented projects. It’s kind of like a fun and funky dinner party where you show up, pay five bucks for a bowl of soup, and when the voting is done, all the proceeds go to an aspiring artist or business person who wants to improve and give back to the community.

Amy Kaherl is one of the passionate people who turns often-empty spaces into places where the community shares ideas and makes real change. She helps find local restaurants to donate the food, local bands to provide the entertainment and volunteers to turn it all into a successful soup.

When everyone sits down to break bread with their soup, the presenters, one by one, take the stage and make their presentation. The projects can be everything from a charity or a new business to a new playscape for kids or even a public art project, anything that will help improve quality of life in the area. The votes are tallied right then and there and the recipient of the funds leaves that night knowing they can make a difference. The whole concept is simple, beautiful and clearly demonstrates what community is really all about.

The night we went to experience Detroit Soup was incredibly uplifting. The space was filled with passionate Detroiters who came to eat, listen, ask, vote and give back to their community. When all was said and done, another community project was off and running. If you like soup and you like Southwest Detroit, put the two together and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.