Detroit Historical Museum

UTR-Webmaster Episode 610

(313) 833-7935
5401 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202

Now, as you all know … at UTR … we love history … because it reminds us of all the stuff we forgot to remember. So with that thought in mind … and before I forget it … I thought we’d start things off at the Detroit Historical Museum.

The DHM is one of the best places you can go to learn about this great city. For 83 years this fascinating place has chronicled the life and times of this entire region. And it’s right here in Detroit … and right on Woodward Ave. for you to explore.

Now, to make sure I remembered my history this time … I met up with Senior Curator Joel Stone … and he took me way back in Detroit time.

This great place has fascinating exhibit after exhibit … And after spending some quality time here, I started to feel pretty proud about where I’m from. The Detroit Historical Museum is a way-back building you should definitely build into your schedule … Just do yourself a favor … try to remember not to forget it.