Detroit Footbol League / Northern Guard Supporters

UTR-Webmaster Episode 501

If you’re in Detroit and you hear thousands of people yelling, cheering and having a great time … there’s a good reason for it …

Meet the Detroit City Football Club, a relatively new minor league soccer team who’s passionate fan base is growing faster that you can say “header” The team’s nickname is La Rouge … and before every home game, their most ardent fans get together at a local restaurant and watering hole called Harry’s. This is where team fans lubricate their lungs and get pumped for the battle on the field. This is also where we ran into The Northern Guard. The Guard are a group of hardcore super supporters that opposing teams fear because of the intensity of their cheer.

Then … suddenly the battle cry began with smoke, drums and cheers from The Northern Guard. And the parade over to the soccer field at Cass Tech High School got under way. This is an awesome sight to see, and unique thing to experience. Literally hundreds of people marching, chanting and cheering the half mile march to the stadium. All with great passion and good fun.

Before the game got under way, I had a chance to talk to Sean Mann. He’s one of the passionate people who brought this incredibly cool spectacle to the Motor City.

So, with families on one side (for obvious reasons) and the entire Northern Guard on the other, the game got under way. And I have to tell you … not only was the quality and speed of the game impressive … the way the Northern Guard intimidates the other team, is a show all by themselves. If you’re one of those people who think soccer is boring … you haven’t been to see The Detroit City Football Club yet. Trust me … once the smoke clears … it’s something you’ll be talking about for a long, long time.