Detroit Film Theater at the DIA

UTR-Webmaster Episode 205

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5200 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48202

The name Detroit Film Theater is one of those names that in one way says exactly what it is… “It’s a theater that shows films in Detroit.” But at the same time, the name doesn’t even begin to tell you what the DFT is really all about and what it means to the City of Detroit.

If you’re looking for a classic film experience that goes way beyond the mega mall movie madness, just go to the east entrance of the Detroit Institute of Arts, and there you’ll find the Detroit Film Theater.

To find out more about this incredible place, the first thing we did was find Elliot Wilhelm. Not only is he the host of “Friday Night Film Festival” on Detroit Public Television, he’s the film curator and founder of the Detroit Film Theater. Elliot has spent his entire life watching, learning and loving movies. And his passion for the fine art of filmmaking is why the Detroit Film Theater is alive and well today.

We’re all so used to watching classic cinema on our TVs now that we’re missing out on how these movie gems were meant to be seen: on the big screen. And to see them on a big screen in the historic theater they have at the DIA is what this experience is all about. If you want to add a little richness, variety and culture to your next movie night out, try doing more than just driving to the massive mall megaplex. Yes, the Detroit Film Theater is a theater that shows films in Detroit. But once you see a movie there, I guarantee you’ll need a lot of words to tell your friends about it.