Denslow’s Smokehouse

UTR-Webmaster Episode 805

(231) 580-1249
2074 S 30th Ave, Sears, MI 49679

We hopped back on 66 and headed south for about a hour and a half when the satisfying smell of smoked sausages brought us to a sudden, yet satisfying stop.

There it was … such as it is … Denslow’s Smokehouse in Sears, Michigan. Where road weary warriors can wrangle up a wide variety of savory smoky meats.

From sausage, chops and jerky, to … that’s right … bacon, they had everything the UTR carnivorous crew needed to refuel and find our way to the hotel.

So, proprietor Peggy Denslow piled our beef & pork products into a bag … as always, Jim politely paid … and off we went to our hotel for some much needed sleepy time. Meat does helps you sleep … right?