Dearborn Music

UTR-Webmaster Episode 201

(313) 561-1000
22501 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI 48124

If you go to Dearborn (which we did) and you love music (which we do) Dearborn Music has been an institution there for more than fifty years. Rick LeAnnais and his family bring mounds of music to the Michigan masses. Even the music you don’t know you like yet is there.

Sure, you can get your music off the Internet, but for genuine music lovers, this is an incredibly deep place where you can come, look, touch, explore, listen and get lost in a three-dimensional world of music. From classic vinyl to the latest releases, it’s all there, and Dearborn Music also has genuine music heads on staff who will help you find almost anything you’re looking for. And, speaking of classic vinyl, I even found a “Domino” album. It’s a band I was in back in the late 80s, and it was only a buck… bonus!

Rick makes sure this place is constantly evolving with the music industry and modern technology, so something tells me it’ll be there in another hundred years. If you love music, you’ll love Dearborn music.

While we were at Dearborn Music we were lucky enough to run into one of Dearborn’s most prominent citizens and supporters, Ismael Ahmed. Not only is Ismael a University of Michigan-Dearborn associate provost, he also hosts a hip and progressive world music program on Detroit’s public radio station WDET.