Dawson & Stevens Classic Diner

UTR-Webmaster Episode 606

(989) 348-2111
231 Michigan Ave Grayling, Michigan

To make things easy (cuz that’s how we like’em) we’ll start high and head low. First up we hit the awesome town of Grayling for a marvelous museum where they also happen to serves malts … bonus !!!

Welcome to Dawson & Steven’s Classic Diner and Bottle Cap Museum, where you’ll find over 10,000 Coca Cola collectibles on display. Now, make no mistake, this is a fully functional vintage diner with all the classic cuisine you’re accustom to. But, at this diner, your dinner comes with some pretty classic eye candy.

Where’d all this incredible Coke memorabilia come from? And How’d it all end up in this delightful diner? Well to find out, I sat down with collector Bill Hicks and diner owner Bill Gannon. They’re the Bills behind the bottles beneath all these caps …

Walking into this Grayling landmark is like taking a step back to a time when things were a little simpler, and when a business deal between two total strangers could turn into a life long friendship.

You can’t help but feel good here, and heck, It might even motivate you to start your own collection…