Dave Thuemmel

UTR-Webmaster Episode 105

(989) 738-8772
2090 Grindstone Rd., Port Austin, MI 48467

When I was in seventh grade I made a cutting board in woodshop, and it lasted almost a year. I was very proud of that cutting board, until I met Dave Thuemmel. Dave is an incredibly talented artist and wood turner who takes scrap, fallen or just plain useless chunks of green wood and turns them into beautiful and very useful pieces of art. He creates bowls, vases, boxes and even pieces that are just pure art. His designs are unusual, organic and every one is one of a kind.

Dave is a dairy farmer turned Port Austin’s premier wood turner. He spent years perfecting a technique of handcrafting greenwood into usable, unique art. While Dave was a dairy farmer, he got the creative itch clearing fence rows, repairing buildings or splitting wood. He retired from the dairy business, went back to the basic woodturning skills he learned in high school shop class and is now creating masterpieces. If you get a chance, find Dave and check out what he’s doing.