Dabl’s African Bead Museum

UTR-Webmaster Episode 110

(313) 898-3007
6559 Grand River Ave., Detroit, MI 48208

Our last stop in Detroit was a cultural experience that expanded our horizons all the way to another continent. It’s called Dabl’s African Bead Museum, and just walking around the building is an awesome experience. The entire outside of the museum is an artistic expression of the man inside, and that man is Olayami Dabl. This place is an incredible collection of beautiful and sometimes rare beads, beadworks, textiles, sculptures and other cultural relics which exemplify the vastness of the African culture.

Dabl is a fascinating and artistically gifted character who’s put his heart and soul into this place. Learning all about the history and culture that comes from these beads made for a fascinating afternoon. Dabl is an African historian who has lectured extensively on African Material Culture to international audiences for over thirty years. If you want to experience a new art form that’s as old as time itself, check out Dabl’s African Bead Museum.