Crystal Mountain Resort

UTR-Webmaster Episode 713

(231) 668-6628
12500 Crystal Mountain Dr, Thompsonville, MI 49683

Is your life going downhill? Well, if it’s not it should be, because here at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, going downhill is an uplifting experience!

… and when it comes to summer … the best way to do it is on the cool and crazy Crystal Coaster Alpine Slide here at Crystal Mountain. It’s 1700 feet of banks, dips, twists and turns through beautiful terrain that makes for one exciting ride. It’s a great family fun experience that will have you and yours back for more.

Before I partake in this thrill packed pleasure … I thought I’d best catch a lift with Crystal Mountains PR Director Brain Lawson …

So if you want to put a little speed into your summer … (Don’t drop you camera viewfinder off the chairlift like Eric did and have to do the walk of shame to find it) … instead, come ride the Crystal Coaster Alpine Slide here at Crystal Mountain. It’s a breathtaking blast for the whole family.

(Me poised and ready to go down) Now, if you’ll excuse me … I’m bout to break the resort record on this bad boy. (I take off “poorly”) and as I go around a bend and out of sight you hear me saying) Oh … darn … oh boy … doh … am I doing this right? … MOMMY !!!!!!