Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary

UTR-Webmaster Episode 805

(269) 301-1521
1698 M-66, Athens, MI 49011

We jumped int he car and headed back down 66 to the town of Athens, where we encountered some of the planets most ancient animals.

Now don’t worry, you aren’t watching the pilot episode of UTR Florida, this is actually at a real alligator sanctuary right here in Michigan… whoda thunk??

Peter Critchlow is the man that still has both his hands. And he makes sure these animals are happy, safe, saved and secure. He also helps all of us understand why these reptiles deserve our care and respect.

Now admit it, when we first told you that we were visiting Alligators Sanctuary in Michigan, I know what you were thinking, but sure enough, it’s right here on route 66 and the dedication that Peter and his family put into caring for them is something all of us can be proud of.

You and your family will love a trip to Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary. It’s an awesome animal adventure you won’t soon forget.