Court Yard Ristorante

UTR-Webmaster Episode 104

(989) 356-9511
2024 U.S. 23, Alpena, MI 49707

Chris and Lora Bauer-Carlson own the Court Yard, and their love for good friends and great gourmet food makes this place a must stop. The experience we had was warm and friendly, the food we ate was off the hook and the owner Chris was so cool, so casual and such an engaging guy, we dubbed him The Food Dude.

Not only are Chris and Lara wonderful people, they completely and passionately believe in their town, their staff and the incredible food they serve. They’ve got everything from beautiful, beefy burgers and specialty pizzas to escargot (best I’ve ever had) and something called Black & Blue Salmon. These are two true foodies who travel the world looking for the very best food ideas. Then they bring them home, add hometown ingredients and home make’em. The Court Yard is also a great place for cocktails and live entertainment. It’s fine dining meets fun and casual.

When you go, kick back, relax, soak in the ambiance and get ready for a good meal and some friendly people. Oh, and if The Food Dude comes up to your table, get ready for a good time. We love those guys!