Country Dairy

UTR-Webmaster Episode 306

(231) 861-4636 ext. 118
3476 80th Ave., New Era, MI 49446

Remember when your parents used to tell you to stop having a cow? Well, if you get into the dairy businesses, you can have all the cows you want. Country Dairy is a first class dairy farm just outside Silver Lake, and it’s all things cow. They make milk, cheese and ice cream, and they even give educational and fun family tours of the entire operation. And if that’s not enough, they also have a restaurant right on site that serves tasty stuff you can wash down with regular (or chocolate) milk.

Seventy-five thousand gallons of milk are produced there every week, and the milk goes to over three hundred Michigan stores and to twelve Michigan school districts. It’s a big operation that still has a down-home, warm, family-friendly atmosphere. It really is a great place to take the kids or even just go to for a tasty burger and ice cold glass of milk. So if you’re near Silver Lake and you wanna have a cow, stop by Country Dairy. They won’t mind. They have ’em all the time.