Congress Pizza

UTR-Webmaster Episode 211, Episode 406

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106 N. Main St., Ishpeming, MI 49849

Another way to stay warm during the long, cold U.P. winters is to put on a few extra pounds, and you know me, I discovered a great way to do that, too. I stopped by Congress Pizza for a quick conversation with Paul Bonetti about a food that apparently everybody in the U.P. knows about but me. It’s a spicy, mostly pork sausage originally from northern Italy called cudighi, and it came to Michigan’s U.P. over one hundred years ago along with Italian immigrants looking for work in the mines. The sausage was originally served with mustard and raw onions on a roll, which is exactly how we had it that day, and it was good-ighi. I may be only half Italian, but I ate the whole thing.