Coach & Four Barbershop

UTR-Webmaster Episode 107

(734) 668-8669
806 S. State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Let’s face it: every Michigan city has its share of great businesses, cool experiences and fascinating characters. Well, where we went next, we found all three. The Coach & Four Barbershop is the place to go in Ann Arbor if you love sports, want to hear some great stories, get a good haircut and learn about the town.

Owner Jerry Erickson is what I like to call “the real deal.” He’s been manning the main chair there for forty years and is probably one of the greatest guys you’ll ever have lower your ears. This is a good old fashioned men’s barbershop that’s filled with enough cool and colorful sports memorabilia to keep your eyes busy through your entire cut, and the conversation is always a blast from the past. Jerry’s most famous regular customer was the legendary, late, great University of Michigan head football coach Bo Schembechler. How cool is that!

For what Jerry had to work with, he gave me a great cut and shared some fascinating stories. Next time you’re in Ann Arbor and you need a haircut, stop by Coach & Four. They’ll cut all of them for you. Ha!