Clyde’s Drive Inn

UTR-Webmaster Episode 803

(906) 341-6021
201 Chippewa Ave, Manistique, MI 49854

Ya know, dinner is a word that holds great reverence on UTR excursions. We see it as our calling, our mission and probably our one and only true X-Men power.

AKA … we likes to eat. So with the sun sinking low we decided just where we needed to go … and that’s for a great burger!

Since way back in 1949 Clyde’s Drive-Ins are where hungry Uppers go for a bona fide burger. This place is what you’d call the real deal. Its drive in done right … and it’s right on Chippewa Ave. in Manistique.

So with our appetites in overdrive, the fellers and I decided to vacate RV Steve … head on in … and put on ¾ of a pound with the infamous Clyde’s Burger.

Mark my words … if you ever manage to make it to Manistique … park your car at Clyde’s. Cuz these burgers are a slice of Americana you’re gonna wanna.