Cliff Bell’s

UTR-Webmaster Episode 103

(313) 961-2543
2030 Park Ave., Detroit, MI 48226

Cliff Bell’s is one of Motown’s original classic jazz clubs. Today it’s a fully and authentically restored art-deco nightclub in the heart of Detroit’s historic entertainment district. Cliff Bell’s is all about live jazz, great food and classic cocktails. When you’re there, you can almost feel what it must have been like to be a jazz fan in the 40s. The original bar is amazing, and the atmosphere there is almost seductive. You can’t help but feel cool just being there.

In the mid-80s the club closed for twenty years and fell into complete ruin. Then in 2005, three young entrepreneurs had a vision. Paul Howard, Scott Lowell and Carolyn Howard put their blood, sweat, tears and cash into making Cliff Bell’s a great jazz club again. If you go to the Cliff Bell’s website, check out the full history of the club; it’s fascinating. You can also see photos of what the club looked like while in ruins. The restoration they did is absolutely amazing.

Not only did Cliff Bell’s come back, Detroit is coming back in a big way, and it’s up to you to rediscover it. I’m having a blast doing it!