Chicory Café

UTR-Webmaster Episode 413

(989) 734-0091
179 N 3rd St, Rogers City, MI

Okay, so you’re up in the Rogers City area and you want to eat at a restaurant that’s family farm-owned, organic, free range, grass fed and hormone free. Oh …. And has really great food? No problem … I got just the place for you.

This is the Chicory Café and it’s brought Michigan’s new food movement right to the heart of Rogers City. This café kicks it old school by doing things they way they were done over a hundred years ago … completely natural and real.

The Chicory Café is part of the enlightened food movement we love so much here on Under The Radar … Good honest food, that’s good for you, and being made by good people who are doing good things for the planet. Now roll that all up in a tasty sandwich … and you’ve got one tasty UTR segment … bonus!