Cheeze Kurls

UTR-Webmaster Episode 806

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You know … every time I sit on the sofa to snack … I pretty much go to my happy place. And I’ve always wondered where that was … until now … cuz I found it right here on Grand Rapids.

That’s right, if you’re a serious snacker (like the whole UTR crew is) you need to know about Cheese Kurls, Incorporated. It’s a snack food company that’s been making mouthwatering munchies for the masses right here in Michigan for over 50 yummy years.

You also need to know the man with the sweet & savory plan … Mr. Kurl himself … Tim DeDinas.

So, next time you have a snack attack, consider keeping it right here in Michigan at Cheese Kurls Incorporated. Cuz they make homegrown goodies that’ll satisfy even the most sophisticated snacker … you know … like me! (Tom stuffing his face with snacks) Hu Boy!