Cheboygan Opera House

UTR-Webmaster Episode 106

(231) 627-5841
403 N. Huron St., Cheboygan, MI 49721

Whenever I go north in Michigan, people always ask if I’ve been to the Cheboygan Opera House, so I thought I’d see what everyone was talking about. I have to tell you: I’ve never seen another place like it. When you first see the building, you’re surprised at how modern it is. But when you step into the actual theater, it’s like stepping back in time.

The first two incarnations of the theater burned down in 1877 and 1903, so eventually, after a long period of being condemned, it was saved in the 70s by the Art Council and protected with a safer and more modern outer facade. The theater is classic, absolutely beautiful, and it’s been meticulously restored by passionate people who understand its importance to the community.

According to many of the volunteers who care for this historic place, the Opera House is also haunted by a husband and wife team. Apparently these two are friendly ghosts who will only play the occasional practical joke on theater goers. While we were there, we heard a door slam in a part of the balcony where no living person was. I’ll admit, I was a little spooked by the experience. Are there really ghosts there? I don’t know. Is there a beautiful Opera House there you should see? Absolutely.