Charity Island Tours

UTR-Webmaster Episode 108

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P.O. Box 171, Au Gres, MI 48703

It was my first time exploring the area, so I asked the locals what there was to do, and the response was overwhelming. One place a lot of people recommended was Charity Island. It’s about an hour offshore and it sits smack dab in the middle of Saginaw Bay. There’s a great sunset dinner cruise you can take to the island, but we opted for a morning trip just to have a look around. The trip out was awesome. The water was beautiful, the air was clean and we had a cool encounter with a thousand-foot Great Lakes super freighter. It was an awesome sight to see up close.

As soon as you get close to the island you realize just how big it is. It’s a 222-acre island with three miles of shoreline. It’s even got an eleven-acre inland lake. When you arrive, you start to feel totally removed from civilization. All you hear is the quiet of the island.

Whenever anyone visits, they are always greeted dockside by Karen and Bob Wiltse. They purchased the island in 1992 and are committed to preserving its illustrious history. Karen and Bob actually live in the Historic Charity Island Lighthouse and host the fantastic gourmet dinner. You get to dine and learn all about the island in one of Michigan’s most beautiful spots. I’m definitely going back with my wife for the dinner cruise. Points for Tom!