Chandler’s Restaurant

UTR-Webmaster Episode 110

(231) 347-2981
215 Howard St., Petoskey, MI 49770

I met up with Tommy Kaszubowski, the talented young executive chef at Chandler’s Restaurant, and after showing us Symons, he took us someplace special. Below Symons is an incredible wine cellar that also doubles as a dining room for Chandler’s. So you can actually enjoy some of Tommy’s signature dishes surrounded by wines of the world. We had a chance to have dinner down there that night, and it was an outstanding experience.

Tommy has a real “out of the box” approach to cooking. He likes to create unique dishes that blend different flavors from around the world, but he still keeps it close to home. Tommy has a passion for creating locally and seasonally, and his flavor profiles are mmm, mmm Michigan good. Symons and Chandler’s are two great places in one.