Can-Do Kitchen

UTR-Webmaster Episode 202

(269) 492-1270
511 Harrison St., Kalamazoo, MI 49007

You’ve heard the old expression, “Too many cooks in the kitchen…” Well, in Kalamazoo, we found a kitchen that wants all the cooks it can get! It’s called the Can-Do Kitchen and it’s a food business incubator. What they’re doing is awesome. They help folks with great food ideas get off the ground, in the kitchen and into their own business by giving them a place to create and test their potential products. This helps future food inventors and restaurateurs develop their plans and products before taking the risk of investing in a brick and mortar location. It also gives them a better chance for success. Fair Food Matters and The Can-Do Kitchen also offer cooking classes as well as connections to food licensing and business workshops.