Camille’s on the River

UTR-Webmaster Episode 209

(989) 773-0259
506 W. Broadway St., Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

Our last fabulous food find of the day was a restaurant called Camille’s on the River that’s attached to another great restaurant and microbrewery called Mountain Town Station. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not. Camille’s on the River is a new gourmet restaurant in Mt. Pleasant that’s not only turning heads, it also turned one young chef’s future into a great Michigan success story.

Owner Jim Holton made this new dining destination possible. He attended CMU twenty-five years ago, fell in love with the town, decided it was a great place to raise a family and eventually opened a restaurant. Now he employs hundreds and feeds thousands.

Chef Brent Peterson started his illustrious culinary career in the back of the kitchen at Mountain Town Station in a place he affectionately calls “Dish Town.” Brent went on to study the culinary arts in Chicago, where he could have taken his talents anywhere in the world. Instead he came back home to make his future in Mt. Pleasant.

Brent’s philosophy in the kitchen is simple: use fresh, local ingredients and respect those ingredients. Combine that with Jim Holton’s drive for supreme customer service, and you’ve got an exceptional dining experience. At Camille’s on the River we found great Michigan stories and superb Michigan foods.