Call of the Wild

UTR-Webmaster Episode 608

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850 S Wisconsin Ave, Gaylord, MI 49735

Remember when you were a kid. Your whole family would pile into the car and head off on one of those classic Michigan summer vacations … and on the way up north your parents would pull off I-75 … at exit 282 and take you to Call of the Wild Museum. Remember how much fun that was … well guess what … My mom never stopped. ZZZZZZZZZIP ….(Time Laps of us pulling off the highway and into the parking lot) …

… but lucky for me … the place is still here ! Boy … these lollypops sure last a long time.

And speaking of things that last a long time … Call of the Wild Museum has been creating fun and educational vacation memories for 50 years now. And, talk about a blast from the past … when it comes to old school family vacation cool … Call of the Wild is a fur filled flashback that will take you back to a time when the family wagon was your primary portal to adventure.

This retro animal roundup really is a fun place to take the entire family … but, just remember … there’s no need to feed these exhibits … That is of course, unless you come upon the endangered and elusive TV Show Host exhibit … he’ll eat anything.