Boskydel Vineyards

UTR-Webmaster Episode 401

(231) 256-7272
7501 E. Otto Rd., Lake Leelanau, MI 49653

The Leelanau Peninsula is known for its many wineries and vineyards, and more are opening all the time. But if you want to find Boskydel Vineyards, you’ve got to wander off the beaten path a bit. It’s not what you’d call fancy or shmancy, and you won’t find big elaborate signs or luxurious tasting rooms. What you will find is the man and his boys who started it all. This place is refreshingly raw and real and the wines are straightforward.

Way back in 1965, Bernie Rink was a librarian who loved wine. One day when his kids were small, he proclaimed, “Boy, we’re gonna dig up your ball diamond and plant some grapes.” After a brief protest, Jim and Andy Rink grew up tending to barrels, bottles and bushels of grapes, and they did it all to help their father’s dream become a legacy. Today the vineyard is a total family affair, and looking back, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not only was Boskydel the first vineyard on the peninsula, it was actually the first Michigan vineyard I ever went to, and even back then, Bernie Rink was the man. His passion and quick wit always made visits to the tasting room a social adventure. After all these years, finally going back to Boskydel made me realize that it’s more than just about the wine; it’s about family, tradition and chasing your dreams. There’s a lot of great wine out there, but there’s only one Bernie Rink, and to him, I tip my glass.