Blue Cow

UTR-Webmaster Episode 508

(231) 796-0100
119 N Michigan Ave, Big Rapids, MI 49307

Next up we pulled into Big Rapids … Home of Ferris State University. This is a cool, eclectic college town with great places to stop, shop ‘and’ eat … and that’s exactly what we did.

Well, it is if you’re at The Blue Cow Café, a place where fresh, local and seasonal is an everyday thing. Connie Freiberg personifies the passion for food at this elegant eatery … and she’s found a welcome home here in Big Rapids.

Next, I headed back to the kitchen to confront the wizard of true blue cow cuisine. This is where Chef Joel King does his culinary thing.

Well that’s not going to work…I’m hungry, and this is TV!
Perfect time to go see why the locals love what’s happening here at the Blue Cow.

There may not really be such a thing as a blue cow … but there really is a restaurant in Big Rapids that’s got great food … an awesome atmosphere and a friendly staff … and that’s called the Blue Cow Café. Now mooooove over, cause we got more drivin to do.