UTR-Webmaster Episode 213

If you’re looking for the largest local music festival in all of North America, there’s only one place to go, and that’s Hamtramck, Michigan. The festival is officially known as “Blowout” and is put on by one of the country’s hippest alternative newspapers, the Detroit Metro Times. Blowout is also one of the longest-running music festivals of its kind in the United States. The festival supports the regional music scene by showcasing the very best local talent. Thousands of music lovers come from far and wide to catch up-and-comers and maybe even discover their new favorite band. There’s something for almost everyone at Blowout!

The cool thing about Blowout is that it doesn’t happen in one place, or on one day. The festival happens over many days and in over a dozen bars and nightclubs across the city. Hop in your car or take one of the official Blowout busses from bar to bar and get your next music fix. It’s a ton of fun and you meet so many cool and fascinating people who are so very passionate about the music. The diversity of the music is incredible. There’s jazz, pop, rock, soul, country, folk and rap. If you can’t find something you like at Blowout, perhaps you’re not from this planet.

The night we went, we hopped on the Blowout Bus and hit about eight different venues. The people are passionate, the bands are nonstop, the crowds are electric and we experienced some of the best music and live performances we’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for four days of concentrated local music, Blowout will definitely blow your mind and rock your socks off.