Binder Park Zoo

UTR-Webmaster Episode 103

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7400 Division Dr., Battle Creek, MI 49014

Now, say you’re in Battle Creek and you get a sudden urge to do something wild. I mean really wild. Just ten minutes south of town is Binder Park Zoo, one of the Midwest’s premiere wildlife parks. It was voted one of the best zoos in America, and it’s right here in Michigan. My sister Vicki told me it was a must see, and she’s a veterinarian who’s been to just about every zoo there is.

This is the closest thing you’ll find to exploring wild Africa in Michigan. The park is 433 acres of forest and wetlands that have been turned into an authentic wildlife experience. You’ll see some of the world’s most exotic animals roaming free on a recreated African plain. And thanks to an incredible elevated boardwalk that takes you through the park far above the jungle floor, you’ll see the animals up close and personal.

This really is a cool family excursion. When you get to the park, there are tons of great exhibits and activities to partake in. Then, when you decide it’s time to visit wild Africa, you hop on a tram that takes you on a short transformative trip through the Michigan jungle. When you get off the tram, you’re instantly transported to an authentic African village where you’re surrounded by all the sights and sounds of Africa. It’s an amazing immersion experience that makes you feel like you’re really there. And you don’t even need your passport.

There’s nothing like exploring Africa and seeing giraffes, gazelles, ostriches and zebras all roaming in their natural habitat. Especially when you’re doing it in Michigan, just ten minutes south of downtown Battle Creek. Bonus!

Battle Creek and Binder Park Zoo are two places that will surprise you when you get there. Both feature lots of happy land mammals in an awesome environment. The only difference is it’s okay to feed the ones in town. Ha!