Bike Time

UTR-Webmaster Episode 213

If you like wind in your hair and bugs in your teeth, this festival is every two-wheeler’s ultimate weekend. It’s called Bike Time. It’s in Muskegon, and even though it’s only a few years old, it’s now the fastest-growing motorcycle festival in the country. Every July, thirty-five thousand bikes from thirty-eight states (and over ninety thousand people total) converge on Muskegon for one thing and one thing only: the love of motorcycles.

This event truly is massive. It spans the entire downtown and has everything you need for a great time. There’s good food, cool special events and more motorcycles than you’ll probably ever see in one place. You’ll see new bikes, colorful bikes, vintage bikes, incredible choppers and even some that look like they’re from another planet.

One of the coolest things we saw at Bike Time was GR’s Finest Street Bike Team Stunt Show. Those guys and girls were insane, and insanely talented. Some of the balancing and one-wheel tricks they did absolutely defied the laws of physics. But who cares? They were fun to watch and I had a corn dog in my hand.

The great thing about Bike Time is you see all types: families, couples, weekend riders and serious motorcycle dudes. They all come together for one simple reason… the love of motorcycles. I may not have one, but I still had a great time at Bike Time!